A child of comic books, pulp novels and 1970s television, I "published" my first book at age 4 (or rather, my dad photocopied it and distributed it around his office), and grew up writing and illustrating children's books, comics, and short-form fiction. Writing became a serious focus in high school, with comics and short stories finding their way into the school newspaper and literary journal. I wrote and directed my first feature film in 1986, which was featured as part of a PBS young directors series.

In the 1990s I cranked out three novels (one of which was optioned by Warner Brothers), sold three short stories, wrote and directed a local television pilot, and got my first paid gig writing for the tabletop RPG industry. I continued to write for a variety of media while working as an artist in the videogame industry before launching Deep7 Press in 1999. Over the past two decades, I have written, directed and/or done production design for critically-acclaimed and award-winning short films, features and webseries, and have been the product architect on over fifty tabletop roleplaying game titles, including the Arrowflight, Red Dwarf and Airship Daedalus lines.

I also wrote four chapters of the Airship Daedalus comic strip, and 12 episodes (and counting) of the AEGIS Tales radio series. Having recently returned to long-form fiction, I am preparing to launch a new novel Airship Daedalus: A Shield Against the Darkness, and am assembling the AEGIS Tales fiction anthology, which includes works from a diverse group of genre authors.