I have been illustrating in various media since I could hold a pencil, and I hope I never have to stop. Visual design is key to communicating ideas, and I've been doing it professionally since the late 1980s. From published comics to album covers to conceptual art in videogames to packaging design and promotional media, and even production design for film and stage, I've done it all. Recently I did the production design for the indie horror feature Hunting Grounds, and the fantasy/comedy webseries JourneyQuest Season 3. I currently do a lot of work for authors' book covers and promotional poster design in the indie film industry.

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Poster Design

Designing posters is probably my favorite kind of work to do, combining fine art with advertising. Influences include Alphonse Mucha, Maxfield Parrish, and Steve Thomas. I love designing for vintage travel, faux propaganda and film/stage.

Book Cover Design

As the de-facto art director for Deep7 Press for almost 20 years, book cover design is definitely in my wheelhouse. From novels to nonfiction to games (and even packaging), from a standalone art piece to full layout and type, I know how to compose a cover that gets noticed.

Fine Art / Illustration

I've always had a passion for the visual storytelling of the static image. From the art pens of my youth to the acrylics of years ago, to the digital stylus of today, I love painting an image that evokes an emotion or conveys a setting.

Logo Design

Some of my first professional commissions were logo designs when I was in college. Since then, I've designed (and re-designed) logos for various companies, setting-related insignia, flag heraldry, and much more.

Production Design

Production design is the practical side of worldbuilding. Whether designing a set for stage or screen, mapping the look and feel of a feature film, or creating concept art elements for a production bible, I'm naturally at home in the art department (or heading it up).


One Shot
Abundant Productions
Beautiful Fire
Evil Slave
Faith Vs Fate Productions
Grant Naylor Productions
Mighty Tripod Productions
Rogue Publishing
Zombie Orpheus Entertainment


I've been a professional illustrator and graphic designer since the mid-1980s, adapting from traditional to digital media along the way. I studied film/TV production and traditional animation in college, and have a strong skill set in traditional media as well as up-to-date digital competencies. Over the course of a decade as a conceptual artist and art director the videogame industry, I contributed to next-generation 3D games such as Spider for the Playstation and Microsoft's Allegiance space combat MMO, and 2D casual games like Casino Empire for the PC. As the art director for Hyperbole Studios, I oversaw the development of a number of unique projects, from casual games to animated webtoons. I have worked for small startups and large international corporations, have created departments from scratch, and have led teams as well as working autonomously. I've been the product architect on over fifty tabletop RPG titles, and have written and directed for stage, film, television, comics and radio. Although my professional experience has been varied and eclectic, it has always been about creating dynamic, compelling worlds and characters, and telling an immersive story.

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Primary Tools

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Flash Animator
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Daz 3D